What to Do & Who to Call in a Plumbing Emergency

In terms of pleasantness, a domestic plumbing emergency ranks right up there with a CRA audit. When a plumbing emergency strikes, it can be devastating and needs to be dealt with absolutely as soon as possible. So, what do you do if a plumbing emergency hits your home?

Here are some helpful suggestions:

Have your plumber’s phone number handy. Even in the internet age, where everything is a click away, you don’t want to be stuck researching and comparing local plumbing companies during an emergency. It’s best that you do research beforehand to find the closest certified plumber who is available for emergencies with several trucks, 24/7.

Stay calm! Running around like the proverbial chicken will do no good. You need to stay cool to be able to appraise the situation logically.

Shut off the water. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised how many people don’t know where their main water shut-off valve is located and whether it functions properly. Also know where the individual fixture and appliance valves are located. Make sure all valves can be closed easily, are clearly identified, and label the direction to turn the valve to shut off the water.

Turn off the hot water heater. Turn off the incoming gas or electricity to your water heater, depending on its respective power source. If you don’t, pressure and hot water could build up and the unit could burst, or the water inside could reach high temperatures and seriously burn somebody.

Drain the pipes. Do this by opening outside spigots.

Stop the leaks. If an appliance is leaking, check and clean out traps and drains. If it’s a pipe or fixture, a temporary reprieve with plumber’s epoxy, duct tape or a tightly tied rag might do the trick. If the leak persists, place a large bucket or other receptacle under the leak.

Unclog drains. You should check your drains regularly to make sure they are running freely. If a drain is clogged, you can try various techniques including using a plunger, baking soda and vinegar, etc.

Assess the damage before you make emergency phone calls. Call the water company first. If the problem is with a sewer main or main water line, the water company may send their own technician. If the problem is truly in-house, call the emergency plumber you’ve researched and be ready to give him a clear description of the problem. This may allow him to suggest other temporary measures to take to prevent further damage, and also give you a cost estimate for repairs.

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