Increase Your Winnipeg Property’s

Energy Efficiency With Our Design Build Services

Randall Plumbing & Heating Ltd. can handle all aspects of your design build in Winnipeg! We offer this comprehensive service for all kinds of commercial clients throughout the area. Our team will expertly design and build your mechanical system in order for it to have maximum energy efficiency. Whether you’re creating a brand new building or renovating an existing one, we can help your project go much smoother.

Your building’s mechanical system is critical for its successful operation. Commercial mechanical systems must meet strict safety requirements, fit into the configuration of the building and contain all the essential equipment. One mistake can have severe consequences, so let an expert team like ours manage your project.

At Randall Plumbing and Heating our Design Build service provides you with a single source of responsibility for all aspects of your building project. By combining the design, including architectural and engineering services with construction, you get a turn-key contract solution tailor made for your project.

Benefits of Our Design Build Service

You’ll see the advantages of working with us right from the start. We understand how to maximize the efficiency of your mechanical system and meet all of the proper requirements. This system will be continually stressed, so accurate calculations need to be taken and the most up-to-date equipment should be used. This allows us to correctly size ducts, pipes and other components and ensure the long lifespan of your system. If this isn’t done, your system will be working much harder and using more and more energy, leading to higher and higher bills. You could also be facing several costly repairs in the future.

Having one company handle your design build is highly recommended. When there are multiple contractors milling about, things tend to get overlooked and more mistakes are made. You can count on us to plan your project according to your budget and stay focused on every detail during the build. Our crew is highly trained and takes all the appropriate safety precautions. You’ll have complete peace of mind when we’re on your property.

Contact us, to book our services. We look forward to working with you!