Having reliable heat is critical in Winnipeg where our winters stay well below freezing for most of the season.

There are few heating systems as dependable as a good old-fashioned boiler. They provide even here, effective heating and require little service over their lifespan since they don’t have many mechanical parts or duct work.

Another advantage of boilers is that they run quietly. So if your boiler is suddenly making a lot of noise, it’s sending a clear message that something is wrong. At which point, you may need to bring in a boiler heating expert. Before you make that call, there are a few things you can do to assess the situation.

How to Identify if Your Boiler Needs Repair in Winnipeg

The following checklist will help you determine if your boiler needs service.

Check the heat and hot water. If you’re not getting any heat or hot water and it’s making unusual noises, that’s an obvious sign there’s a problem with the boiler.

Make sure the flame is blue. If you have a gas boiler, look through the window and check the pilot light. If it’s yellow or orange instead of blue, contact us right away.

Note the sounds. If you hear a rumbling noise when the boiler kicks on, it could indicate excess lime scale or corrosion on the heat exchanger. Clunking, knocking, banging and whistling sounds indicate other problems such as trapped air, low water pressure or pump failure.

Check the system for sludge. If there is a buildup of sludge you can chemically flush the system by pouring a Boiler Noise Silencer product into the header tank. However, a commercial plumber and heating expert in Winnipeg will need to drain off some of the water first.

Have a look at the pressure system. If you have a pressure system model and your boiler keeps switching off, it’s likely due to low water pressure, thermostat issues, a closed valve or the pump not circulating water properly.

Check for trapped air. Turn your boiler system off. Then locate the air bleed screw on the pipes connected to the cylinder. The pipe is approximately 10 cm long with a screw that can bleed the air at the top. Release trapped air by simply turning the screw.

Trust the experts at Randal Plumbing & Heating

Although normally a highly dependable heat source, when a boiler needs repair in Winnipeg it invariably occurs when you need it most – the dead of winter.

If that happens to you, contact the experts at Randall Plumbing & Heating right away. Or if you’re thinking about changing your heating system,we offer boiler installation in Winnipeg, too.