How to Clean a Central AC System

When it comes to repairing your air conditioning unit, the wisest move is always to contact your AC repair specialists in Winnipeg right away. However, we know that some problems don’t always warrant the help of a professional. Cleaning your AC unit can be quick and relatively simple to do on your own. At Randall Plumbing, we handle any problem, big or small. Let our team of trained experts walk you through the necessary steps to fix your leak without having to call in a hired gun.

Step #1: Disconnecting the Power
Before you can do any actual work on it, you need to turn the power off to your AC System. Outside near your Outdoor unit is a electrical disconnect switch, this should be turned off before any service is performed on your system.

Step #2: Take off the Cover
You won’t get much done without removing the cover of your air conditioning unit. Place it somewhere away from your work area to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged in any way. Besides, you don’t need it in your already crowded workspace. Remember, the more room you have to work, the better.

Step #3: Give it a Quick Cleaning
While you have it open, you might as well give it a quick scrub down. Be sure to remove all debris and dirt (leaves, dirt, bugs) from the drain tray and rinse everything out with water—using a hose would be your best option for the job. Anything collected near the vent coils should be removed to encourage proper airflow in your AC unit.

Step #4: Let it Drip Dry
Let your unit drip dry for about 15 min before turning power back on.

Step #5: Check Your Furnace
Your AC system uses the furnace to distribute the cool air to you house. A clean filter, make this air flow better and more efficient. Also check the drain line from the cooling coil located in the duct work above your furnace if this gets plugged with debris the drain pan will over flow causing water damage to your house and possibly to electronics in your furnace. This process can and should be done at least twice per year, once in the spring just before you start up the AC System and usually a good idea around June just after the Poplar Trees lose their seeds (cotton fluff).

Did you know?
Did you know that it is illegal to top off the refrigerant in your air conditioner system? Environment Canada regulations state that no refrigerant shall be installed in a system unless its integrity is proven (meaning no leaks). Only a licenced HVAC technician may verify the integrity of a system and subsequently refill its refrigerant supply.

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